Lavender Fields Massage Center

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There is only one therapist, sorry couples cannot be done at the same time.

Please note to make sure you hit the pay later button if you have a Groupon on the check out. Do NOT put your Groupon number in gift certificate. It will NOT work. If you are adding on a service, you need to make a note in the note section that you want an additional service.

There is a limit of two Groupons per client. After that, there will be a $10 additional fee.
Rates and Services
Massage Modalities
Swedish Massage- $50 for hour, $65 for 90 minutes
This is a relaxing massage that is great for people who like light to medium pressure.
Therapeutic Massage- $55 for hour, $70 for 90 minutes
This is a medium to deep pressure massage that uses multiple techniques to work the muscles.
Prenatal Swedish Massage- $50 for hour, $65 for 90 minutes
This is a sideline massage that uses light to medium pressure to work on women who are pregnant.
Hot Stone Therapy-$60 for hour, $80 for 90 minutes
Hot Stone are used to massage and applied to the body. It is a great medium pressure massage.
Aromatherapy- $60 for hour, $80 for 90 minutes
Essential oils are used in the lotion to use the benefits of the certain oil.
SOMA Cupping Technique- $80 for hour
Using silicone cups, applied to your skin with suction. Oil or lotion is used to glide them on your skin to treat different conditions. This is a deep tissue massage.
Spa Modalities
Sugar Scrub- $55 for 45 minutes
This is a fantastic way to exfoliate your skin!
Full Body Mask- $75 for hour
Mud is a great to cleanse and detox your skin. Have your skin feel silky smooth after our treatment.
Spa Day Package- $145 for 2-1/2 hours
This combines our Swedish massage, sugar scrub, and full body wrap into one great package.
Add on to Groupon Massages:
Deep Tissue/ Medical Massage $10 for 60 minutes or $20 for 90 minutes
Aromatherapy $10
Hot Stone Massage  $10 for the back, $20 for full body